Nebraska County Map

For this assignment, you'll be making a simplified general reference map of a county in Nebraska. The map will include the major cities, roads, major greenspaces, and major water features.

Once you select a county that has not been done, sign-up for it on the board. You'll get extra credit for selecting a county with more features (eastern side of the state). Save the map in multiple formats: png and pdf.

Search for the name of your county in Nebraska on Google Maps. This should zoom in on the county and show the boundary. Screenshot (command+shift+4) the result while the browser is full screen.

This is a screenshot of Washington County, NE. This is how your screenshots should look: big, clear, and cropped.

Open the screenshot in Adobe Illustrator. Trace the the county boundary in black, the white roads in grey, the yellow roads in yellow, water ways and bodies in blue, and the greenspaces in green. Mark cities with a dot and label them. Label major roadways and other landmarks. Once you have traced everything and marked cities, delete the screenshot.

Go back to Google Maps and zoom in on your county to get more details on the major landmarks. Add anything that you find important to your map (i.e. forest names, parks and park names, etc.)

Stylize your map and map layout.

Export as png and pdf, and upload to Neocities.